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    Website Design

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    Digital Marketing

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    Ecommerce Website

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    Application Development

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Linux Solutions

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Linux Solutions

Eleiss network solutions are based on Linux and open source applications like iptables, snort, squid proxy, quagga daemon and others.

They do not require very high configuration computers to perform well and efficiently. We utilise your old computers to convert it into a router, firewall, proxy or a gateway.

Being on a Linux machine, our network solutions are capable of running applications too. Other services to the network can be provided by the same computer running as a gateway, router or firewall.

Our network solutions are more featured and cost effective as compared to dedicated devices available in the market.



There are generally two types of security needed for a network premise.

  • Server security
  • Network security

We design customized security solutions according to the clients needs and apply our expertise to provide the best level of security.

Our security solutions apply to servers in LAN and/or Internet. Not only limited to this, we provide network level security as well which includes our tailor made network solutions e.g. Antivirus gateway, Intrusion Detection System, Intrusion Prevention System, Network Address Translation et cetera.

These security solutions apply to a wide range of users which includes

  • Large Corporates
  • Web Hosting Providers
  • Education institutes
  • Government organizations
  • SMEs

With Eleiss you can now get Linux on your desktop too. We provide this service to everyone who uses computers like

  • Home users
  • Office users
  • Engineering students
  • School students
  • Cyber cafes
  • Software developers
  • Industries
  • Other professionals